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diy solar pouch for electronics

cool portuguese tunes played by foreign people. our gaita is getting popular. today we’re doing a small diy segment again me and T first prototyped a solar pouch almost a year ago. we designed it because one of the issues … Continue reading

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moving on from the couchsurfing corporation

some more local and modern pipes, dazkarieh in sync with all the studies i published, CS has finally become a for-profit organization. as some other organizations have done, they started as a pseudo-non-profit (they never got the status approved) and … Continue reading

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more host data: length of stay and rating

some musette de cour. a lovely painting of a bagpiper too i won’t do much discussion this time. this is a short test i did to the data and it somewhat confirms the rule that some hosts have that there … Continue reading

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references, picture count and rating

today i’m continuing my series on the connection between measurable profile variables on CS and my own personal rating of the experience. since it is a personal subjective rating, consider all of this data as merely informative. again, i used … Continue reading

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my own world heat map

some northumbrian pipes, a first here i think. i decided to continue the data analysis i started in my previous post. this time, i decided to go full subjective and will not try to extract any scientific conclusions. i decided … Continue reading

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3 years of CouchSurfing: safety, creepiness and the power of virtual rituals

a galician tune this time, a “muiƱeira”, a traditional dance song on a 6/8 beat. i finally did it! i finally merged and collected the data from the 3 houses. i still haven’t done the repeat visits (very few) and … Continue reading

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short intro to exuberantism

india also has bagpipes (the mashak), and had them before the arrival of the british. they then incorporated the more advanced scottish bagpipe into their traditional music. here is an old recording of it. preface i’ve been writing online for … Continue reading

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