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is the free culture movement compatible with super star celebrity?

A set of Irish reels with a Portuguese addition. I’ve been thinking a lot about what the free culture movement really says about being an artist. Let’s begin with the very hot topic of DRM, or Digital Rights Management. There’s … Continue reading

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defeating political bias to redefine societal structures

i’ve been working on my recording gear, i think slowly the quality is getting better. well, minus the talent, but i can’t buy gear to make that any better. part of my recent reassessment of priorities was to redefine my … Continue reading

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into 2012, a new mandala cleared out

another year, another mandala. featuring another of my game boy experiments. sound is pretty shitty, but i’m hoping to make it get better with time i’m quoting here what i wrote for the garden blog, the community i participated in … Continue reading

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my new drummer, the game boy

as i’ve expressed many times here, i’ve been struggling to find folk musicians to work with. so i decided to go in an entirely different direction. i bought myself a game boy, lsdj, a cheap mixer and have been doing … Continue reading

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carvalhesa d’alcântara

i’m trying out the music typesetting (using absjs), here’s a simple song i wrote. i recently discovered that on my C major pipes it is easier to play in D minor than in C minor. so i wrote this one … Continue reading

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