banksters turned bemperors

the swedish säckpipa, i think it’s a first here

now that my country has been sold out to the imf and the rich of europe, i think it’s time to look at banksters as a bigger group than just a rich gang. by fabricating doubt about a country that actually has no dramatic problem (like portugal), you get increasing interest and then bailouts. but what is a bailout? should it even be called a bailout?

first of all, if someone offers to buy your bonds at almost 10% interest you could just say no thanks, fuck off. that would be only if a leader would accept standing up against whoever is offering money. but this is not the case. all these countries’ leaders have been weak facing the banksters, that’s why i’m calling them bemperors. let’s see how this works:

  • create doubt about a country’s economy even though an economy of a country most of the time has little to nothing to do with a country’s deficit (US? huge deficit. japan? huge deficit. who are they kidding?), usually through the media
  • doubt created makes treasury bonds less trustworthy (what’s a treasury bond? since when are we making money off other countries taxes?), which raises interest rates that the state has to pay investors
  • country realizes they can’t pay, asks for external help
  • the bemperor offers some money, but at an insane rate that will take decades to pay, subjecting the country to harsh economic policies that enslave all its citizens to cheap labor and no worker rights, effectively leaving the country at the bemperor’s mercy

so a bailout is not giving anyone money at all. it’s not even helping. it’s making money off the poor as usual. then come the rich european countries and say “yes, we will gladly help, but policy must change and parties of the opposition must stop arguing and help”. what the fuck? i’ll give you some money so now you do as i say? what is this? what’s a sovereign state then? since when can countries dictate what parties should or shouldn’t do? they were elected by the citizens. it’s no outsider’s business to shape national politics. but i digress. obviously that’s what’s happening with my country, and will continue.

what’s happening now is the bemperors taking over of europe. all the media (especially financial media) is saying spain is next. there is no evidence for this, at all, but this is exactly how the game is played. first you discredit a country without any base for it, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy! the way the global economy works, anyone can rig it with the right media machine, since the minds of the investors are as permeable to bullshit as anyone else’s. and though i’m not good at predicting anything, i suspect the propaganda machine will turn on spain next, and leech more money out of it. all hail the bemperors, masters of usury!