my new drummer, the game boy

as i’ve expressed many times here, i’ve been struggling to find folk musicians to work with. so i decided to go in an entirely different direction. i bought myself a game boy, lsdj, a cheap mixer and have been doing folkore, a mix of folk and breakcore/chiptunes. this song is the first one i taped, it sounds poor because i’m taping it out of the shitty mixer.

i’m actually working on proper songs, this one was the first sketch for fun. i didn’t think it’d be as fun as it is. lsdj just sounds so good it’s ridiculous.

my current gear:

  • game boy classic with lsdj
  • S60 phone with beat ed (not used on this track, probably going to be used as a sampler)
  • technopipes by fagerstrom
  • a cheap second hand mixer (Behringer Xenyx 502)

i still need to mod the game boy to have a backlight and the pro sound mod. there’s a lot of noise in that recording. the pipes are also very noisy, but i’m hoping to tape real pipes with a mic at some point in the future

truth be told, it’s a pretty silly song. but hey, it’s a pretty silly concept anyway!