New theme and writing again

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It’s been a while since I updated this site, for several different reasons.

Mainly, I’m posting again because I adjusted the template so it works on my phone (long overdue). I’m also looking to write more, but who knows.

Since my last post I’ve become self-employed (and my business is doing will so far), received my shodan (black belt) in Yoshinkan Aikido, started running a trad session in Sydney, and played several events as a musician.

The slow but steady increase in music playing has led me to a split schedule of programming and playing music regularly. In a week I’m now at two or three sessions, and the odd festival.

I’ve also taken up the concert flute (simple system, some times called Irish flute) and have been taking lessons. While I still play the pipes, the flute is much handier at a session is when I’m travelling.

My life has gotten significantly happier, with a steady but sparse stream of guests, love in all ways possible (and impossible), and I’ve become fully debt free. My move here has been a long trek uphill, but now I’m getting rewarded for my perseverance (or foolishness, hard to say).

I look forward to some easier, perhaps more lyrical posts, while I face this new way of living out my life.

Today’s tune is my homework. I’m fortunate enough to have caught great trad mentors lately.