a subject made of objects

north eastern stick dancing and pipes after a short break, let’s continue our series on things. in my previous posts i solved the subject-object problem by claiming the subject is recursively made of objects, and that subjectivity is no more Read More

western minimalism

apropos: pipes made of stuff this is just a short post not connected to the recent stream about things. if you read this far, it should be easy to understand a common mistake i hear more and more from westerners. Read More

value of excitement

another disconnected post, and some lightning pipes. as the web is evolving towards a more audiovisual kind of content, versus text, i think we are beginning to witness our biases online too and the consequent popularity of topics. some examples: Read More

arranging things

gaita, drums and modernized traditional portuguese music previously i discussed how things can work becoming agents, and how change is always for the worse on a global perspective. but since this is a very sad and gloomy perspective, let’s be Read More

the agents of change

some gaida today. in my previous post i used the terms things and agents separately. well, one key thing must be clarified. agents are things too. so the agents that do the work are themselves subject to the 2nd law, Read More

work, order and available energy

today’s tunes feature uilleann pipes, the singing octopus in my previous post i talked about the empiric macroscopic fact of the second law of thermodynamics. just to clear things up, i call facts what is established by the scientific method Read More