new studies coming

we’ve resumed our data-centric analysis at our new mandala (_42, no website yet). one of the works being done now is getting the whole data set ready for statistical analysis. almost done. but the funniest thing was the graph of Read More


just a small prediction. the current wikileaks leak, cablegate, will, like every other before it, have no effect in every day life. ambassadors will be identified as a few “rotten apples”, some minor heads will roll, and life will resume Read More

things defined

a slow return to our segments on things, with some more gaita from the northeast. this is mestre angelo arribas playing, the same craftsman that fixed my pipes the first time. we will begin by formalizing what things are and Read More

karma bs

this is just a short rant after my bike got stolen today, off my front door. several times my guests would say “you’re generous, i’m sure you get what you give”, or babble something about good “karma” and bad “karma”. Read More

a membrane reed pipe

here’s a small diy segment. i’ve been trying to do a membrane reed pipe. so here is my first try, with the first (positive) results. here is the main principle (you can’t see much on our whiteboard). my plans are Read More

back on two wheels

just though i’d break the seriousness and do a everyday life post. i sold my car and got a folding bike. i’ll resume the seriousness later. that explains the recent lack of updates. i’m still tuning my route. it’d take Read More