a hierarchy in motion

some mezoued from tunisia this time. its short range leads to a more rhythmic style of playing. i’d argue these pipes are somewhere between more melodic and more rhythmic instruments. summarizing, first we saw how thermodynamics and information theory are Read More

terreiro do gaiteiro clips

we were at the regular bagpiper meetings in lisbon’s downtown area (terreiro do gaiteiro). free entry, cheap booze, and anyone can get up and play anything, anytime, with anyone else. we did some videos, and i got to play some Read More

cyber warfare, hackers and phreakers

some asturian pipes this time. we are living exceptional times now. i was wrong. most cables being released now are impressive. i can’t wait for the rest. the us funding coups, corruption, corporate terrorism. the good stuff is here. which Read More

a whole made of parts, from the ground up

from the core definition we started with, we will now begin our journey into complexity. to avoid issues with things we don’t know much about (i.e., smaller than atoms), i will begin from the layer onwards. why? considering the model Read More

heads up for new goods

this is just a short notice, we are starting a new project (you know how it is, a new one a week). this time, it is devoted to preserving some of the stories we collect. this time, we called it Read More