objective subjectivity

some silly happy folk this time, a “llaço” from the north east we recently saw how information exists in several levels, and how we suspiciously translate the outside world in a structure similar to the structure of our own nerve Read More

the shapeshifting oligarchs

some turkish pipes, i thought it was appropriate with the ongoing riots throughout the arab world, like yemen or egypt, and an ongoing revolution in tunisia, some of our terms might not apply. when arab nations are better at citizenship, Read More

acts change facts: nico’s tribute to spcc

today, something completely different. the clip has bagpipes anyway so i didn’t break any chain (background song in the end is bagpipes in the bunker). this is Nico‘s tribute to SPCC. he stayed there for 10 days and filmed amazing Read More

concerning but expected

i’m slightly concerned about the slow erosion of interest in wikileaks. the us have now asked for the personal information of all twitter followers of the wikileaks account, including a member of the icelandic parliament. even though twitter refused, this Read More