false alarm

we sounded the alarm too soon. all the missing goods showed up, so i can maintain that in over 800 people nobody ever stole anything. though this is somewhat fishy (turning up in someone’s bag some days later), it maintains Read More

medo e ignorância no controlo policial

(today i’ll be writing in another language, you can google translate it) sem querer ser especialmente concreto em termos de exemplos, há neste momento um método altamente duvidoso de controlo por parte da polícia portuguesa. este baseia-se exclusivamente no facto Read More

repeating old stuff

not just that mubarak just went on holiday to sinai (i maintain my expectations on the subject). apparently he just took off with the country’s fortune. but that’s not the only thing that apparently is old stuff. i also learned Read More

hidden prejudices

we’ve been having several discussions over at _42 about astrology, mayan astrology, blood type divination and so on. i thought i’d give my opinion on it. i’m going with astrology because i know a bit about it. it is also Read More