idealization blindness

today i’ll be writing about the common scientific deepity “everything is just x“. i previously approached this, but today i’ll give a clearer example. idealization is a common habit of most knowledge based activities, best exemplified by the problem “describe Read More

glove gaida

another diy segment. this time, i completed my membrane pipes using the foonki chanter design by Linsey Pollak (check out his stuff, it’s amazing). i used a rubber glove as the bag, and made an equal-length drone using a very Read More

true, woo and false

silly happy pipes again, this time some bagrock this is just a short post on the three levels of truth i use in this blog and introduce the concept of woo. every now and then, and more and more, people Read More

membrane reed pipes, part two

another diy segment. i went on, after the first reed construction, to tune a proper pipe. unfortunately, i relied on nothing more than instinct and made the holes randomly. i tuned the length so it would sound as the intended Read More