minds as information machines, part 1

more portuguese gaita. as promised a long time ago, we will begin exploring the implications of this information model in minds. we will start with simple, brainless, minds. note that this means that my definition of mind is a bit Read More

future stats and studies

asturian and galician gaita. CS means couchsurfing recently CS changed their search algorithm. almost instantly i went from a couple of requests a day (1 to 3) to zero. in fact, now we (me and T) get less than 5 Read More

the transmontano tin whistle

I’ve been trying to work out a way of playing the northeastern gaita transmontana in Bb minor and until now i hadn’t found a way. now, thanks to a cheap clark D tin whistle i bought, i managed to make Read More

banksters turned bemperors

the swedish säckpipa, i think it’s a first here now that my country has been sold out to the imf and the rich of europe, i think it’s time to look at banksters as a bigger group than just a Read More

carvalhesa d’alcântara

i’m trying out the music typesetting (using absjs), here’s a simple song i wrote. i recently discovered that on my C major pipes it is easier to play in D minor than in C minor. so i wrote this one Read More

foonki pipes

it’s alive! the foonki chanter on my transmontana bagpipe. i tuned the drone to this one. sounds really good! check it out! still working on the drones though. i made custom wood pieces to connect all the parts, but it’s Read More