what’s in a story?

more french pipes, this time with a modern bagad style band. oddly enough, even though france has a tremendous variety of pipes, the bagad is a recent copy of the Scottish model for a pipe band. it’s always interesting how Read More

information inertia

some musette de cour from the eighteenth century. it might seem impossible, but the drones are over 2 meters long: their length is folded into that seemingly tiny drone sticking out (much like modern shuttle pipes). we’re slowly broadening our Read More

portable chromatic tuner solar mod

some ney anban from iran. note the double chanter. i have a portable chromatic tuner i carry with me all the time. it came with some basic lead batteries, and they eventually ran out. so i modded it for solar Read More

minds and generative spaces

some dazkarieh this time. i love this song, they have a new album out. in the previous series we saw how information can be stored and processed by physical entities without any elaborate structure. we also saw how the speed Read More