Averages, Percentages and Moral Equivalence

From Asturias. Not long ago I praised Steven Pinker’s Better Angels of our Nature for its clarity and as one of the sources for how I frame my general sense of optimism. At the same time, I repressed a feeling Read More

the wondrous story of S

This week I cycled to the smokestacks of Sydney Park and spilled a beer for S, whom I lost to the health hazards of crust punk hedonism. The bit of life I shared with him was so full of unexpected Read More

objective reality—the great objectifier?

A surprising gaita adaptation. For a long time I’ve struggled with the apparent contradiction of my political ideology and my trade. The inherently relativist and subjective attitude that Anarchism brought into my personal political beliefs always seemed to clash with Read More

if architecture is politics, infrastructure is power

Vals Breton-Muñeira Picada by Susana Seivane on Grooveshark Some gaita again. Little makes systemic forces more clear than the way we interact with our computers and each other online. Interfaces and systems we didn’t design modulate the way we interact Read More

in the land of the kind, bullies are kings

The Great Ceilidh Swindle by Peatbog Faeries on Grooveshark Some Highland Pipes for a change, from the Peatbog Faeries. I had another equally amusing title for this post: ‘infatuated with bullies’. By now it should be no secret that I’m Read More