escotilha is my first book. It narrates my experience running my first Hospitality Exchange space. Since then much has changed, but this book is a fair portrait of the incredible things I lived.

From the back cover:

escotilha was a humble flat in a major European city where hundreds of travellers from all over the world lived temporarily. These are some of their stories, as told by the host, interweaving naive notions of anarchism, love and hospitality exchange.

It is self published and it is available for free or as print on-demand.

escotilha-cover Print version
Print-ready PDF file and cover if you’d like to print your own (free)
Order a print from LuLu (AUD$9.50AUD$7.60, I make AUD$1.90AUD$0.38)
Order a print from Amazon (USD$7.12, I make USD$0.06)
eBook version
Formats available: More formats available by request.
LaTeX source code
ZIP of my build folder and some scripts. I removed some of the images since this work is dual-licensed. If you’re clever you can still extract the images from the print-ready PDF, but they’ll be trimmed to A5 full bleed and reduced to print resolution. I also had to remove some elements including the text because it includes private personal information. To build it, type ‘make’. You’ll need a million LaTeX packages, Inkscape, Calibre and a healthy Linux system.

For any questions regarding the book, the publishing process or building the source code, feel free to email me.

If you read it, then you may be interested in visiting these related websites:

  • The house blog, which was updated up until the symbolic burning of junk. It includes videos, photos and random ramblings of a past-me that I don’t relate to much.
  • The place we went to after this one. If you read through, then maybe you’d like to know what happened. Follow through for plenty of stories, a full documentary and several articles about it. Note the domain name, oddly cultish isn’t it?

Software I used to build the book. If you like it, why not give these guys a tip instead?

  • Debian Linux, the Operating System
  • LaTeX, the typesetter
  • FocusWriter, the text editor (I use gvim too, but just for coding)
  • Inkscape, for vector graphics and print-ready PDF generation
  • GIMP, for raster image processing
  • Calibre, for eBook processing and conversion
  • GNU Make, for build automation

2 thoughts on “escotilha

  1. Hello Joao,

    Just read your private mesage in CS. Thanks for doing this. I’ll definitely read your book.

    Regards from Slovakia.

    David (still a The Cure fan)

  2. Por essas andancas online sem direcao vim parar aqui, dessa vez nao deixarei de baixar e ler o livro. La se vao quase 10 anos da minha passagem pela casa.

    Abracos Guilherme

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