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Woodfordia 2017/2018

One of my highlights for this year—Linsey Pollak and Lizzie O’Keefe’s work Dangerous Song I missed last year but saw this year I’m not a fan of New Year’s Eve in Sydney. The city gets super crowded, too many travelers Read More

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Woodfordia 2016/2017

In honour of this year’s Woodford, I’m posting a Journal entry originally written on Jan 2nd 2017, anonymised. I told A I wasn’t going. There was nothing particularly interesting in the line-up and I was looking forward to spend some Read More

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New theme and writing again

It’s been a while since I updated this site, for several different reasons. Mainly, I’m posting again because I adjusted the template so it works on my phone (long overdue). I’m also looking to write more, but who knows. Since Read More

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4 years in Oz

I moved to Oz back in October 2011. That means I’ve been here for almost four years. Much has happened in four years, so let’s start from the beginning. Let’s begin with the why I moved here in the first Read More

Why I don’t fear artificial intelligence

Tú gitana que adevinhas me lo digas pues no lo sé si saldré desta aventura o si nela moriré. O si nela perco la vida o si nela triunfaré, Tú gitana que adevinhas me lo digas pues no lo sé. Read More

Averages, Percentages and Moral Equivalence

From Asturias. Not long ago I praised Steven Pinker’s Better Angels of our Nature for its clarity and as one of the sources for how I frame my general sense of optimism. At the same time, I repressed a feeling Read More

the wondrous story of S

This week I cycled to the smokestacks of Sydney Park and spilled a beer for S, whom I lost to the health hazards of crust punk hedonism. The bit of life I shared with him was so full of unexpected Read More